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Our New Year Wishes for Delcath Shareholders

We wish this New Year will prove to be a happy and prosperous year for shareholders of Delcath Systems securities and to those visiting the website. We hope you'll turn every opportunity into success in the coming year and keep yourself prepared for anything and everything.

Happy New Year!


We have received many emails that we have not updated the site to reflect the current holdings of the Officers, Directors and Control Persons at Delcath Systems since the Subscription Rights offering.

Although we believe it was a highly manipulated offering, to be fair and balanced we have decided to update their holdings to reflect a fresh start to the new year.

Name  Position Previous to 2018
Rights Offering
Before the
Record Date
Jennifer K. Simpson  President & CEO 1 101 7500
Barbra Keck Chief Financial Officer 1 101 7500
John Purpura  Executive V.P.  1 5501
Roger G. Stoll   Chairman  1001 5901
William D. Rueckert  Director 1 3209 7926
Marco Tagliett  Director 1 1 1
Simon Pedder   Director  1 1 1

Ref: To view the actual Form 4 filings, click on the After Subscription amounts above.

Observations on the Subscription Rights Offering

Subscription Rights are a clause in an option, security, or merger agreement that gives the shareholders of record the right to maintain his or her percentage ownership of a company by buying a proportionate number of shares at a fixed price of a future issue in the security.

In the case of Delcath Systems, shareholders of record on August 3, 2018 were given the right to buy up to 500 shares of Delcath Systems securities (OTCQB:DCTH) for every share owned on the record date at a fixed price of $1.75.

Note: Troubled companies typically use a Rights Offering to raise funds when they are unable to borrow more money from conventional sources.


DCTH Chart


After suffering a 1 for 350 Reverse Split in November 2017 followed by a 1 for 500 reverse split in May 2018 the securities were already trading well down from their 52 week high.

The above chart posted by a user on Investors Hub ( clearly shows that Delcath Systems securites were trading flat during the original Subscriptions Rights period from August 7, 2018 through August 27, 2018.

As the company can monitor sales of their securities and in our opinion they were not meeting there goals in regards to raising capital, the subscription period was extended to September 26, 2018 to better achieve their target for raising revenue.

Looking at the chart above you can clearly see that the securities were still trading flat a week into the Extended Supscription Rights period. It is again our opinion that at this point the securities price was manipulated to entice shareholders of record to subscribe to the rights offering. Once the company was satisfied with the amount of capital raised, the group or groups manipulating the price started dumping available shares back into the market and the shareholders (subscribers) were again left holding the bag (the term "Bag Holder" applies here).

As most shareholders did not recieve their subscribed shares until the following week, most were at a substantial loss when the shares were finally made available.

The price at the close on September 26, 2018 was $3.34. The price at the close 5 trading later had already fallen to $1.23, a loss of 63.17%.

Since that time the securities have traded to a low of 0.23 or 93.11% down from the subscription price of $1.75.

Skull & Crossbones Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware Skull and Crossbones

1/28/2019 News Flash

We have now confirmed (thanks to our diligent members) that our suspicions concerning the price manipulation during the Extended Subscription Period were well founded.

It would appear that on August 31st, 2018 Delcath Systems, Inc. signed a 12 month agreement with a "Financial Public Relations Firm".  A firm that offers "research and marketing services to paying clients".

So what did Delcath pay for this service you ask? The agreement by Delcath System, Inc. called for $40,000 in cash and 15,000 restricted 144 shares of DCTH per month. Delcath further agreed to increase the monthly cash payments in September to $120,000.

By our calculations based on the above, Delcath Systems has paid out over $500,000 in cash and issued over 75,000 shares to this financial public relations firm so far.

Is it coincedence that the price of the stock was basically flat and suddenly started moving up a week after the firm was hired? Is it coincidence that the price started falling just days before the Extended Subscription Period ended and investors that subscribed to the offering were left holding thousands of shares they could not trade until the price had fallen below the subscription price?

We will continue reporting our findings here. We will leave it to you, our readers, to decide if Delcath Systems, Inc. is a legitimate investment or another bio-tech scam.

Ref: Regal Consulting, LLC Disclaimer

Skull & Crossbones Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware Skull and Crossbones
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